After the Sin After Sin Francisco, Cole comes back to the Manor. He knows Phoebe is hiding something from him and it has something to do with the demon of the week.
Rating: PG - First Posted: 4/22/01 - Published: 2/16/02 - Finished

All In Me Piper gets a big surprise when she goes shopping for presents.
Rating: G - First Posted: 11/23/01 - Published: 4/21/02 - Finished

Always In My Heart When a spell cast in 2002 backfires, an eight year old Phoebe is set upon a path that leads her down a road to love, life, and destiny.
Rating: G - Published: 8/24/02 - Finished

Better To Have Loved Cole enters an alternate reality where he and Phoebe are happily married and expecting a baby. However, Paige accidentally orbs into that reality and tries to find a way to turn things back to the way they were.
Rating: PG-13 - Published: 1/25/03 - Finished

Breathless Scream When pain and suffering is all that remains of love, sometimes you just have to scream.
Rating: PG-13 - First Posted: 8/10/01 - Published: 2/16/02 - Finished

A Cinderella Twist Princess Phoebe is the granddaughter of Cinderella, and tonight is the ball in which her grandfather expects her to find a prince to marry. It's a magical night and anything could happen. Including a late night splash with Prince Cole.
Rating: PG - Published: 8/1/02 - Finished

Cleansweeper Ever wondered why the Charmed Ones' secret hasn't been revealed to the world at large yet? It's because of Cleansweepers like Trinity.
Rating: G - Published: 11/28/02 - Finished

Cold Without You Though Cole's been vanquished and her son has been born, Phoebe can't help but feel guilty over what she did now that she's cold without her love.
Rating: PG - First Posted: 3/31/02 - Published: 4/15/02 - Finished

Damsels To The Rescue An AU set in a kinda medieval times. The Halliwell sisters are up against the ruling Triad. With the help of their loves, they just might defeat them.
Rating: PG - First Posted: 3/28/01 - Published: 4/22/02 - Finished
[Chapters 1-6] [Chapters 7-12]

Evil Becomes Me Phoebe thinks about her past life and her future self.
Rating: G - First Posted: 11/20/00 - Published: 2/16/02 - Finished

Exposed The Charmed ones weren't the only ones in danger when they were exposed on TV.
Rating: G - First Posted: 5/21/01 - Published: 2/16/02 - Finished

Fly To The Moon Phoebe is tired of the pain and suffering that her sisters have unknowingly caused her. She's ready to cast a spell and fly away. Is there anything left for her on Earth? Like love?
Rating: G - Published: 8/5/02 - Finished

Charmed Prue/Phoebe friction
Rating: PG-13 - Published: 5/9/09 - Finished

Full Moon It's a full moon tonight, and Cole is picking his mate from the pack.
Rating: Hard R - Published: 7/29/02 - Finished

In Her Wildest Dream Phoebe is trapped in an endless dream with only her mind powers to save her.
Rating: PG-13 - Published: 12/1/02 - Finished

Killing Me Softly
Rating: PG - Published: 6/3/02 - Finished

Love And War There is more to the Goddess of Love and Goddess of War than quotes and comedy relief.
Rating: PG - Published: 5/29/03 - Finished

The Lucky One After much internal debating, Leo realizes that he is indeed the lucky one.
Rating: G - Published: 6/22/02 - Finished

Mind Over Murder An AU. Detective Cole Turner meets his new partner, Phoebe Halliwell. Both have secrets but can they overcome them, demons, witches, and very protective sisters to find love with each other?
Rating: PG - First Posted: 3/30/01 - Published: 1/19/03 - Finished

Numb Living in the Underworld has made Phoebe grow numb towards Cole. He knows his love is within the shell of the Queen and he'd do anything to bring her out again. Including breaking the agreement.
Rating: G - First Posted: 2/18/02 - Published: 2/24/02 - Finished

Poor Cole After becoming a wanted demon, Cole has been living in the mausoleum. Poor thing, that's so sad. What will the Halliwells do about it?
Rating: G - First Posted: 4/15/01 - Published: 2/16/02 - Finished

Seduction Of The Sea After getting her heart broke, the seduction of the sea draws Phoebe near.
Rating: G - Published: 9/2/02 - Finished

Seemingly Charmed:
Future Bliss In the year 2009 the Charmed Ones have wonderful normal lives. Waiting in the shadows however is someone who dares to destroy them all.
Rating: PG-13 - First Posted: 9/18/00 - Published: 4/22/02 - Finished
Prelude To War The follow-up to Future Bliss. Picks up months after Shiara Brin and continues the story.
Rating: PG-13 - First Posted: 2/3/01 - Published: 4/22/02 - Finished
[Chapter 1] [Chapter 2] [Chapter 3] [Chapter 4] [Chapter 5]

Shaking Shimmers:
Shaking Shimmers Phoebe finds out about a dark secret from Cole's past. And it all started from a little dance....
Rating: PG-13 - First Posted: 7/19/01 - Published: 11/23/01 - Finished
A Wench's Delight Companion story to Shaking Shimmers. It's almost Halloween and Phoebe has a surprise in store for Cole...
Rating: PG-13 - First Posted: 12/10/01 - Published: 2/16/02 - Finished

Something Different Phoebe is very different from her sisters, and only Cole can understand.
Rating: PG - Published: 6/25/02 - Finished

We Belong Together AU. For five years Phoebe's been running. From him. When he does find her, he's in for the shock of his life. Can Cole regain Phoebe's trust and love, or will he lose two of the most important people that mean the world to him?
Rating: PG 13 - First Posted: 11/30/01 - Published: 6/7/02 - Finished

You're The One This was the turning point in Phoebe and Cole's relationship. When a simple apple peel folded into a C.
Rating: G - First Posted: 7/8/01 - Published: 2/16/02 - Finished


So Beautiful
Phoebe/Jason - G - 100 words

Works in Progress

Dark Rapture Stolen away in the black of night, a dark ritual has transformed Phoebe into a true Queen of All Evil. Phoebe feels the changes within her and knows deep down she's good, but does she really want to go back to her former self after she's had a taste of being truly powerful?
Rating: R - Published: 3/31/03 - Updated: 6/11/03 - Work In Progress
[Chapter 1] [Chapter 2] [Chapter 3] [Chapter 4] [Chapter 5]

Still Charmed:
Rating: PG-13 - First Posted: 12/2/01
4.01 Still Charmed
In the season premiere, all the Charmed Ones are seemingly alive. Yet with the death of Doctor Griffiths, Phoebe feels so guilty that she casts a spell and this weakness allows the Source to infiltrate her defenses. Also starring: Cole, Leo, Paige.
[Part 1] [Part 2] [Part 3] [Part 4]
4.02 Furious Hell
Prue feels guilty and actively hunts for demons. On one hunt, Piper gets smoked by a Fury and becomes furious. Meanwhile Phoebe is still haunted by the Source. Also starring: Cole, Leo, and Paige.
[Furious Hell]
4.03 For What It's Worth
A vengeful warlock goes after a dojo master during the Charmed Ones walk through the park. Also starring: Cole, Leo, and Paige.
[For What It's Worth]

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