Fairy Tail (anime)

Cherry Blossoms Prompt: burn
Pairing: R - Published: 1/18/12 - Finished
Pairing: Ikaruga/Ezra Scarlet

Connection Prompt: connection
Rating: G - Published: 12/12/11 - Finished
Pairing: Ezra Scarlet/Mirajane

Drunken Kisses And Sweet Beginnings After the Fantasia parade ended and the Fairy Tail guild was still in high spirits, Cana dragged Juvia back to the guild for a drink.
Rating: G - Published: 12/7/11 - Finished
Pairing: Cana Alberona/Juvia Lockser

Love, Life & Lucy Layla taught Lucy many lessons that'd last a lifetime.
Rating: G - Published: 12/5/11 - Finished
Characters: Layla Heartfilia, Lucy Heartfilia

No More Tears Prompt: Natsu/Erza: I never want to see you cry again
Rating: G - Published: 12/28/11 - Finished
Pairing: Natsu Dragneel/Ezra Scarlet

The Wings Of Love And Vigor Prompt: treasure maps and fairy tales
Rating: PG-13 - Published: 1/9/12 - Finished
Pairing: Lucy/Mirajane/Ezra

The Voice of Serenity

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