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As of early 2012, my fics will be primarily hosted on AO3 under the name BridgetMcKennitt. Not everything of my older works are found on AO3, but the new stuff will be.

Actor RPF | Castle | Charmed | The Chronicles of Riddick | Fairy Tail (anime)

Fast and the Furious series | Harry Potter | Psych | Queer As Folk (US) | Sports RPF

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Misc Fandoms
Alien: Resurrection -|- Avatar: The Last Airbender
Battlestar Galactica -|- Blade: Trinity -|- Blue Exorcist -|- Bones
Claymore (anime) -|- Coffee Prince
Darker Than BLACK -|- Death Race
Eastern Promises -|- ElfQuest
Final Fantasy II -|- Finding Nemo -|- Firefly -|- FlashForward
Harold and Kumar movies -|- Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life -|- Heroes -|- Hip Hop RPF
The Incredibles -|- Inglourious Basterds
Kaze no Stigma (anime) -|- Kill Bill
Legion (2010) -|- Lord of the Rings -|- The Losers (movie) -|- Lost Boys (movie)
Machete (2010) -|- Merlin RPF -|- Mighty Morphin Power Rangers
Okane ga Nai
Pretty Little Liars -|- Push
Robot Unicorn Attack
Satan's Alley -|- Scrubs -|- Secret Circle - LJ Smith -|- Sky High -|- Star Trek Voyager
Tiger & Bunny
White Collar
X-Men: Evolution -|- X-Men (movieverse)

Non-Fic Works
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Fics Written For Me

The Voice of Serenity

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