The Chronicles of Riddick

Alpha Challenge Prompt: Chronicles of Riddick, Riddick/Dame Vaako, anal sex
Rating: R - Published: 11/5/09 - Finished
Pairing: Dame Vaako/Riddick

Blood Lust There's a lot of things Riddick doesn't think about it, and he's certainly not thinking about this strange feeling concerning Vaako.
Rating: R - Published: 3/15/08 - Finished
Pairing: Vaako/Riddick

Foreplay Prompt: Chronicles of Riddick, The Riddick/Vaako fighting as foreplay
Rating: NC-17 - Published: 7/14/09 - Finished
Pairing: Vaako/Riddick

In Space There Is Freedom (drabble set)
Rating: PG - Published: 2/22/09 - Finished
Character: Dame Vaako

The Path Worth Living Every Necromonger that became a Necromonger chose life. Vaako chooses to accept the new Lord Marshal's offer.
Rating: PG - Published: 1/28/08 - Finished

The Voice of Serenity

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