World of Warcraft

The Chill Of The Throne Has A Far Reach Jaina has a plan to get into the Icecrown Citadel. Now she just needs to convince Sylvanas and Liadrin to help her.
Rating: G - Published: 12/2009 - Finished
Characters: Jaina Proudmoore, Lady Liadrin, Sylvanas Windrunner

Cold Comfort Another battle for Alterac Valley has come and gone, and the Horde remain victorious. Guse and Jeztor share a moment in the aftermath.
Rating: PG - Published: 9/8/09 - Finished
Pairing: Guse/Jeztor

Crushing Bones and Crashing Skulls Ring ring. "Sorry we're not here to take your call. Sylvanas is breaking Jaina out of Violet Hold and together they're going to save Azeroth. Please leave a message after the beep. Beep!"
Rating: PG - Published: 12/10 - Finished
Pairing: Jaina Proudmoore/Sylvanas Windrunner
Guest Appearances: Lieutenant Sinclari, Uda the Beast, Duke Falrevere, Baron Revilgaz

Surge Of Darkness What the Lich King commands, the Twin Val'kyr are delighted to obey.
Rating: PG - Published: 11/3/09 - Finished
Pairing: Edyis Darkbane/Fjola Lightbane

A Windrunner Interlude After the Battle for the Undercity was fought and won, Vereesa visits her sister, the Dark Lady.
Rating: PG - Published: 9/11/09 - Finished
Characters: Sylvanas Windrunner, Vereesa Windrunner

The Voice of Serenity

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