Title: Bet And Bet Again
By: Bridget McKennitt
Pairing: JD/Turk
Rating: G
Word Count: 100
Summary: The results stay the same.
Contains: No warnings in as far I know that can't be extrapolated from the header itself.
Disclaimer: Scrubs is owned by other companies. They are used here without permission, and for entertainment purposes only. No challenge or infringement upon the copyright is intended, nor should any be inferred.

Turk dropped his arm around JD's shoulder as they stood outside the car. "You're going to have to get in sometime. I won the bet," Turk said.

"But you know how much I love to stretch my legs out. I won't fit into the trunk." JD stared at the car before turning to Turk. "New bet. Let's make out. First one to break away loses."

Turk gave him a look. "That's not even a big deal. One two three go!" He pulled JD in and smacked their lips together.

They wrapped their arms around each other, kissing the night away.

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