Title: No Life After Death
By: Bridget McKennitt
Pairing: Pamela/Tessa
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 300 (100x3)
Challenge: supernatural100's prompt slow
Contains: No warnings in as far I know that can't be extrapolated from the header itself. Spoilers for 4.15, mild cussing.
Disclaimer: Supernatural is owned by Eric Kripke and other companies. They are used here without permission, and for entertainment purposes only. No challenge or infringement upon the copyright is intended, nor should any be inferred.

As soon as Pamela saw her, she knew exactly what the woman was. "Reaper."

"You can call me Tessa." She glanced around the motel room where the faded Winchesters cried over Pamela's body. "Since you know who I am, are you ready to go?"

Pamela snorted and shook her head, her wavy hair shaking with the movement. "Can't a girl have some time to adjust before she gets carted away? I'm slow when it comes to moving on."

"I suppose you can. You did help save me from the demons."

"Good. Then you and I are going drinking. Come on."


Pamela wasn't certain how Tessa managed it, but they ended up at a bar, each with a beer in hand. Pamela chugged hers down and it was the best thing she'd ever tasted. She wiped the foam away with the back of her hand.

"Do I have to continue on?"

Tessa nodded. "Yeah, you do. Unless you want to end up as some restless spirit that a future hunter takes down. I don't suggest it."

"Point. Think I can have one last request?"

Tessa waited and Pamela went for it. She was dead and who cared now?

She kissed Tessa.


The Reaper didn't push her away nor joined in with enthusiasm. Pamela didn't give a fuck. Tessa was the only person, thing, she could touch and she wanted one last connection before she went to the great beyond.

No one in the bar could see them as Pamela stripped their clothes off. She'd been with a woman, or three, once before, and she knew how to make it pleasurable for the both of them. Pamela needed that.

Tessa got into the act then, fingers caressing flesh and lips sucking anything in their path, and Pamela shouted out as she came.

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