Title: A Set Pair
By: Bridget McKennitt
Characters: Lisa, Ben
Rating: G
Word Count: 400 (100x4)
Challenge: [info]supernatural100's prompt family
Contains: No warnings in as far I know that can't be extrapolated from the header itself.
Disclaimer: Supernatural is owned by Eric Kripke and other companies. They are used here without permission, and for entertainment purposes only. No challenge or infringement upon the copyright is intended, nor should any be inferred.

Lisa could still remember the birth of her son, Ben. Her parents were vacationing in Hawaii at the time and so she was alone for the labor. She was also far too proud to call Ben's father and ask him for moral support (she had Dean's number written on a wrinkled piece of paper in her wallet) because she hadn't seen him since their wild weekend together.

After she'd given birth, she knew she made the right choice. Dean wasn't her family, though he'd helped create hers. Nor were her absent parents. No, her family was tiny, but just right.


When Ben was two, he decided that he was the man of the house, and he strutted around their home with his chest puffed out and a worn cowboy hat she'd bought for him at a garage sale. Lisa bit her lower lip to stifle her laughter and let her son be. He wasn't wrong. He was the man in their family of two.

Lisa took Ben to the mall and watched as Ben scowled at any man who looked her way. No one was good enough for his mommy and Lisa readily agreed. They were fine as a set.


Ben met his father for the first time at the age of eight during his birthday party. Lisa was surprised to see Dean again and she dodged every time he asked about Ben's father, finally lying when he asked directly. It wasn't that she thought Dean would be a bad father. On the contrary, he'd proven himself to her over and over when he'd saved their son and the other children from that supernatural menace.

No, it was because she knew Dean staying in their lives would upset their family balance. Lisa would always put Ben first before anything else.


Lisa gripped her camera tightly as she watched Ben. He was one among hundreds in his graduating class and she was so proud of him. Unfortunately, Dean and Sam couldn't make his graduation (they were holed up across country), but Dean sent his love and presents.

She finally told Dean the truth years ago about Ben, but that she preferred raising Ben on her own. Dean may be Ben's father, but Ben was her son.

Afterwards, Lisa took him out to dinner to celebrate. She raised her chocolate milkshake as Ben raised his soda.

"I'm very proud of you, son."

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