Title: These Wounds Will Become Scars
By: Bridget McKennitt
Character: Pamela Barnes
Rating: PG
Word Count: 100 x2
Challenge: supernatural100's prompt broken
Contains: No warnings in as far I know that can't be extrapolated from the header itself.
Disclaimer: Supernatural is owned by Eric Kripke and other companies. They are used here without permission, and for entertainment purposes only. No challenge or infringement upon the copyright is intended, nor should any be inferred.

As Bobby helped her out of her wheelchair, Pamela fought the urge to cry. Her eyes were gone, burnt out of their sockets from whatever demon pulled Dean out of Hell, and it felt like he stole away a part of her soul as well.

"Whatever you're thinking, stop it. You're stronger than that."

His voice came from her left and she turned towards the sound. Bobby's gruff voice soothed her, calmed her, as it always had.

"I still can't see." Her own voice was rough and sore from her earlier screams.

"You'll find a way, Pamela. You're not broken."


Pamela exhaled as she lit the candles in front of her with a steady hand. Bobby was right, she was not broken. She was still a psychic, the best damn psychic in the state, and she would use her powers to her advantage.

"I got myself into this mess and I can get myself right out."

She focused, gathering her strength before casting it outwardly like a net. Pamela gasped as a faint outline of her room burst in her mind. It wasn't seeing, but she could work with this. Castiel wasn't going to keep her from living her life.

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